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Le Honey


“ I want us to make each other better. ”

—    someone you should probably hold on to (via braided-funk)

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I just wanna play Kirby or Tekken right now.

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Best Coast - When I’m With You

i hate sleeping alone

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I crave your flaws, and everything that created those scars on your heart.

I crave everything that comes with your existence.

your sun, your thunderstorms, your moon, your hurricanes, your constellations, your tornados.

I crave your aching soul.


I can’t fix you, but I can love you beyond galaxies. (via thelowercasek)


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Omg all I want right now is for this headache to go away. According to the web, I have something called a Vertigo migraine….basically when everything around you is spinning and it’s difficult to walk or even stand up. It started at school and I thought it’s because I didn’t eat breakfast but it got worse and now I’m cranky and I want to get my nails done and someone to rub my head and give me a massage but that can’t happen this instant cause I’m not a Kardashian so bye.


Words literally mean nothing at All.

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KC & Jojo | All My Life (1998)

My other jam only cause I grew up listening to them.

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when you’re hungry and you remember there’s leftovers


when you realize someone already ate them



relationship goals

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